Happier. - Signed Deluxe CD

Happier. - Signed Deluxe CD

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Signed, deluxe copy digipak of our album Happier. 
Instant download for our unreleased track H.N.A - Hear it before anyone else! (Delivered via email) 

Limited to 100 copies! 

Due for release June 2021. All pre-orders will be shipped two weeks before the official release date. 


1) Afterglow 
2) Over It
3) You Say When 
4) I Don't Feel Like Feeling Great 
5) Nothing On You 
6) H.N.A. 
7) Happier. 
8) Tears
9) Fake Company
10) All Of This Is Over
11) One Last Song 

Bonus content will not be released on ANY other platform. 

12) H.N.A. (Alternative Version)
13) Tears (Alternative Version)
14) Nothing On You (Alternative Version)
15) I Don't Feel Like Feeling Great (Alternative Version)
16) Over It (Alternative Version)
17) Afterglow (Demo) 
18) Nothing On You (Demo) 
19) One Last Song (Demo) 
20) Fake Company (Demo)